Area based proposal

                                                                           AREA BASED PROPOSAL 

An area based proposal will identify an area of the city that has been selected through desk research, meeting with public representatives, prominent citizens and citizen engagement. This area will be developed into smart area which incorporates all the essential features/elements prescribed in the Mission Guidelines.

                   Based on the assessments the integrated development of FortKochi-Mattancherry and Central city by leveraging the water transport infrastructure was selected by the council.The aim is the revive the character and glory of Fortkochi- Mattanchery as a heritage and Centre with high speed water connectivity. The essential features in this plan are

  •     Intelligent transportation & seamless mobility
  •     Re-constituted Urban form
  •     Boosting tourism and Economic potential by hectoring Fortkochi's heritage bounding and events and unlocking city's commercial potential
  •     Inclusive delivery of essential services to all citizen in an inclusive affordable and efficient manner