Public Grievance Redressal

Every citizen is entitled to raise their concerned grievance and suggestion to the respective departments of the Corporation. On sending the grievance or suggestion, the department officials are bound to respond to the grievance or suggestion as per the specified period. Citizen can submit the grievance directly to Mayor, Secretary or to any department HOD. They will forward the file to concerned department official. The concerned department officials provide grievance redressal or opens a file with the Grievance application as the base to the file.

Once the e-governance system is in place the citizen can raise a Grievance online. Citizen selects a category and subcategory of Grievance and submits the Grievance application online. Based on the category and sub-category the Grievance application is send to concerned department. The concerned department official provides grievance redressal, links the grievance to an existing file or creates a file with the Grievance application as the base to the file. Concerned department should address the grievance, submits the grievance redressal into system, and sends a copy to the applicant within 15 days of application submission. The status of the grievance can be tracked online at any point of time. Citizen can reopen the Grievance within 30 days from submitting the redressal, if he feels the redressal unsatisfactory.