Profession Tax

The Profession tax has to be paid by those persons who have been appointed, working, holding office for salary or wages in any office or company or firm or enterprise or establishment or institution receiving income from deposits and those having income not less than Rs. 12,000/- (Twelve Thousand) per half year.

Profession tax assessment is done every six months. The Corporation of Cochin will issue notice, requesting any employer or the head or secretary or manager of any public or private office, hotel, boarding or lodging house or club or firm or company or shops to furnish details within the period specified in the notice. The details should contain the names of all the persons employed as officers, servants, dubashes, agents, suppliers or contractors along with a statement of the salary or income of such employed persons.

Assessment of Profession tax for Traders, Institutions and Self Earning Professionals

A comprehensive list of all traders and self earning professionals in the Corporation limits is created by the department through Bill Collectors and Revenue Inspectors. This list will also have an assessment of the PT. This assessment is done by a judgment that the BC makes based on his estimation of the turnover of the establishment.

Assessment of Profession tax - Employees

The Corporation of Cochin will give notice every half year, requesting every head of office and employer to assess the profession tax of all employees liable to pay the profession tax in their institution and to remit the profession tax in respect of every self-drawing officer.